Different Forms of Green Tea

For a long time now, green tea has been known to provide plenty of health benefits. But did you know there are various forms of green tea?

Popularity of Green Tea

Green tea makes a healthy beverage that contains no caloriesGreen tea makes a healthy beverage that contains no calories. The good news is that the drink has become even more popular in the West. Then again, green tea has been consumed for hundreds of years in Japan, China, Korea and the Middle East.

Because of the numerous health benefits of green tea, it’s no wonder the beverage is seen with such regard in Eastern countries. These cultures hold longevity in high regard and the people from Asia welcome a diet that is natural and healthy, which is why green tea is a staple in most Asian cultures.

Various Forms of Green Tea

When people think of green tea the image that typically comes to mind is a hot cup of tea that was brewed from a tea bag. This is the most popular and usual picture people have of green tea so it’s usually a surprise to many that there are numerous and various forms of green tea you can get in the market nowadays.

But anyone familiar with the alternative health and supplement industry knows there it comes in many forms. With all these options, people can now enjoy green tea beyond a brewed cup in order to get the health and brain benefits. So if you’re wondering how to get green tea, read on.

Green Tea in the Form of a Tea Bag

Green tea makes a healthy beverage that contains no caloriesAs discussed earlier, the most common and perhaps the best form of green tea is one that is placed inside a tea bag. Whether brewed hot or iced, it is typically sipped slowly and people can enjoy it on its own or with a meal. The routine of drinking green tea this way is a highly relaxing habit. Because of this, drinking green tea in this form makes is a kind of tradition for most people.

Even though there are various types of brewed green tea out there, some are more popular than others. One of the most popular brands is Bigelow’s Green Tea. It comes with a traditional aroma, a light and relaxing brew that makes this form of green tea popular amongst people who are health-conscious. It’s a very popular form of green tea for purists, too, since it’s pure and unadulterated. It doesn’t contain additives or artificial flavors.

Liquid Green Tea Concentrate

green tesa is available in liquid formFor people who are very busy there is the liquid green tea concentrate. It gives plenty of convenience because it’s so easy and quick to prepare. By adding a few drops of the concentrate to plain water, what is formed is a delicious green tea beverage. There is no need to wait for water to boil or for the tea bags to seep properly.

This concentrated form of the tea can furthermore be more potent than the brewed variety of green tea. It can be used fast and people can get plenty of nutritious antioxidants, carotenoids, polyphenols, tocopherols, minerals and a few other beneficial phytochemical compounds.

Green Tea Extract Available in Capsule Form

for a quick alternative try capsule green teaThe wonders of science have produced a convenient and very potent form of green tea. Now health conscious people can enjoy the benefits of green tea without drinking it as a beverage. Today there are green tea extracts available in the market. These are encapsulated in a capsule that is gelatin-based.

This form of green tea is popular in Western cultures because it’s potent and is very easy to consume. The capsule type of green tea removes the traditional practice of slowly sipping brewed tea but in return it gives busy people a fantastic way to enjoy the benefits of green tea.

Instant Form of Green Tea

instant green teaBecause convenience is very important today, green tea is now available in an “instant” form. Just like instant coffee, this instant green tea is scooped and simply added straight to water. The water can be either hot or cold.

It takes some preparation but the time necessary is very short. Also, the user can enjoy green tea closer to its original and natural form this way, as opposed to the liquid concentrates and green tea capsules.

Loose Green Tea Form

loose green teaPurists prefer loose green tea. This form is the full-bodied natural form of the plant known as Camellia sinensis, the very plant where green tea in all other forms is derived from.

While this is not the variety of green tea ideal for people who lack time, it provides a wonderful drinking experience. The user has to prepare this form but it can be a satisfying experience.

Thanks to the many forms of green tea available, people with different preferences can now enjoy this healthy plant in a way that suits their lifestyle and needs.