Benefits of Green Tea for Health

Are you aware of the many health benefits of green tea? The number of studies that back up green tea benefits isn’t ten, nor is it fifty or even a hundred. Thousands of research studies have shown time and time again that green tea is great for the human body. Read on to discover just what these amazing benefits are.

A Brief Background on Tea

Cultures around the world have been cultivating tea for hundreds of yearsCultures around the world have been cultivating tea for hundreds of years, most of the cultivation happening in India and China. In today’s times, tea is the second most widely-consumed drink in the entire planet, water being the first, of course. Every day, hundreds of millions of folks consume tea. Studies have shown how green tea—also known as Camellia sinesis—specifically provides numerous benefits to the human body.

Green Tea Benefits in Ancient China and India

In traditional Indian and Chinese medicine, medical practitioners make use of green tea as a diuretic (any substance that aids the body in getting rid of excess fluid), stimulant, astringent to help control bleeding and even heal cuts and wounds, and also to improve the strength of the heart.

Other additional medical uses of green tea in ancient Chinese and Indian medicine include regulating body temperature, treating flatulence (gas), and controlling blood sugar levels. Medical practitioners throughout history have also used green tea to promote improved digestion and improve cognitive processes.

The Power of Antioxidants

green tea has more antioxidantsWhat are the three main types of tea? These are black, green and oolong. The main difference is in how these three types of teas are processed. Green tea is produced from unfermented leaves. These leaves are known to have the most amounts of powerful and healthy antioxidants known as poly phenols.

Antioxidants help our body fight the damages caused by free radicals. These free radicals cause harm in the body by changing our cells. They ruin the natural state of our DNA and can even lead to the deaths of cells. Many researchers have found that free radicals speed up the aging process and these free radicals also contribute to a high amount of health problems such as cancer and heart diseases. Green tea contains poly phenols, a type of antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals, reducing and even preventing many of the damages free radicals are blamed for.

Controlling Bad Cholesterol Levels

green tea can help lower total cholesterol and raise good cholesterolIf you’re thinking of questions like “Why take green tea supplements?”, you’ll be happy to know that various research studies have proven that green tea can help lower total cholesterol and raise good cholesterol. This is applicable to both humans and animals.

There was one population-based clinical research study that discovered that people who regularly drink green tea are more likely to exhibit lower total cholesterol levels than individuals who didn’t drink green tea at all.

Furthermore, results from an animal study showed how the poly phenols that are richly found in green tea can block cholesterol from being taken in by the intestine. Green tea in this particular study was also found to remove bad cholesterol from the lab animals.

Meanwhile, in another study of males who smoked cigarettes, it was discovered that green tea can greatly reduce levels of the harmful cholesterol known as LDL.

Helping Diabetics

Green tea has been proven to have the ability to help people control their blood sugar levels. Animal studies have also shown how green tea may even prevent the occurrence of type 1 diabetes.

The tea can slow the progression of the disease even after type 1 diabetes has developed in the body. In individuals with this type of diabetes, the problem involves their bodies’ inability to create insulin—they either make no insulin or too few. Insulin is necessary because it helps our bodies convert glucose or sugar into energy. Green tea has been shown to regulate the glucose levels in the body.

Some small research studies have furthermore discovered that consuming green tea extract every day can lower the haemoglobin A1c levels in individuals who suffer from borderline diabetes.

Fights Breast Cancer

polyphenols abundant in green tea could possibly play a vital role in cancer preventionNumerous population-based research studies have proven how green and black teas can protect people against certain types of cancer. It is a proven fact that cancer rates are lower in countries where people consume green tea regularly. Japan is a prime example.

Studies from years ago suggested that the poly phenols abundant in green tea could possibly play a vital role in cancer prevention. Studies have proven that the poly phenols help destroy cancer cells and even keep them from growing.

In combating breast cancer and the help of green tea, research studies conducted on animals and test tubes have shown that the poly phenols found in green tea can inhibit the breast cancer cells from growing.

For example, in a study done on almost 472 women suffering from different stages of breast cancer, it was discovered that the women who drank the most amount of green tea experienced the least spread of their cancer cells. This was even truer in pre menopausal women going through the early stages of breast cancer.

The study also found that women suffering from the early stages of the cancer who consumed a minimum five cups of tea every day prior to their cancer diagnosis were less likely to experience the reappearance of cancer after treatment. It should be noted though that women going through the late stages of breast cancer experienced little to no help from consuming green tea.

Combats Lung Cancer and Other Cancer Types

polyphenols in green tea have been discovered to stop the growth of lung cancer cells in test tube studiesIf you’re still wondering “how is green tea good for me?”, you’ll be glad to know that green tea can also help in the treatment of other types of cancer. Bear in mind that even though the poly phenols in green tea have been discovered to stop the growth of lung cancer cells in test tube studies, there have been few clinical studies that show the correlation between consuming green tea and improvements in people suffering from lung cancer.

Green tea may also help people with pancreatic cancer. One large research study compared green tea drinkers with people who don’t drink the tea. The study showed that individuals who took in the most amount of tea were the ones least likely to get pancreatic cancer.

The same goes for the link between prostate cancer and green tea. Lab studies have discovered how green tea extracts can slow down the growth of prostate cancer cells in test tubes. A huge clinical study conducted in China showed that the risk of developing prostate cancer decreased the more green tea the subjects consumed.

It’s worth mentioning, however, that green and black tea extracts have been found to stimulate the genes that make cells less sensitive to chemotherapy drugs. Individuals undergoing chemotherapy should talk to their doctors before consuming any type of tea, including tea supplements.

Green Tea and Liver Ailments

males who consumed over 10 cups of green tea daily were less likely to have liver problemsAnother addition to the list of green tea benefits was shown by population-based studies that proved how males who consumed over 10 cups of green tea daily were less likely to have liver problems. It appeared that green tea can protect the human liver from the damages of alcohol and other toxic substances. Animal research studies have reached the same conclusion: green tea can protect mice from developing liver tumours.

The health benefits of green tea are numerous. This is not an exhaustive list, however. From weight loss to better mental health and much more, there is a myriad of ways green tea is beneficial to our bodies.